Product Photography is 100% about communicating with your target market. Lets face it, your website has become your new shop front, the new post Covid landscape will mean most items purchased will never have been physically seen or touched by the buyer. Replicating textures, colours and scale in their true form is absolutely paramount in this online world we live in


No two products are the same and the skill of a still life photographer is highlighting the important details and features of the subject. Having spent 20 years as a still life photographer telling the story of images through both print and online media I have developed a style to best tell your story as a seller. I am equally comfortable locked in a studio with simple high volume on white E commerce style photography or complex advertising room sets with a cast of thousands and catering. I appreciate the fact no two assignments are identical so I understand the need for flexibility with working relationships, I pride myself on offering a bespoke package to suit every need and the ability to turn jobs around in a professional high speed manner with no substitution for quality.